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Naughty Little Asians # 30 / Непослушные Маленькие Азиатки # 30

Год производства: 2012 г. Жанр: Asian, All Sex, Sex toys, Hairy, Anal, DP Продолжительность: 02:44:22
Цензура: Отсутствует Режиссер: Ed Hunter Студия: Third World Media
В ролях: Yukie, Sayuri, Sakura, Maya Tsubaki
Описание: For two bratty American college girls, it took a little effort on their part to be accepted into Japanese society upon their first visit. But just like real Japanese girls, they fit in a lot faster once they learned how to spread their legs and succumb to the J-stick. Sayuri fell in love with Japan quickly and surprisingly learned some Japanese as well. She is given lots of Japanese toys to play with and she rubs each one over her tits clit and bald shaven beaver. "Kimochi ii" or I feel good is her most favorite Japanese words and today she learns how to say Omanko or pussy as well. She gets a high speed Japanese finger fucking before getting her skinny face fucked with a local J-rod. Her American made vagina gobbles up his penis as she settles into a Japanese pussy shredding session. She handles herself well as she vaginally swallows up her very first batch of Japanese jizz. Welcome to Japan bitch.

Yukie is a pretty Japanese girl with white milky skin, thick thighs and handcuffs on her wrists. Her golden panties are being swallowed by her meaty J-slice and the thick, long fur surrounding her sauce filled J-patty. She does a little nibble on the J-pole before laying back and getting rammed. She squeaks, squirms and squeals as she cums over and over again. She has one pink nipple stump that puffs up on stimulation while her other nipple is completely smashed and collapsed inward. She takes it like a good girl from the bottom, on top and behind too. Her dark pubic hair shines and glistens against her white skin, as her round boobies shake before she gets coated with a pile of potent J-cum. Her post coital orgasms continue as she tries to catch her breath.

Sakura is Sayuri’s friend from Los Angeles. Sakura loves Japan and really wants to let as many local men know just how much she enjoys her time here. She fingers her well shaven, imported fuck box and puts a couple of Japanese made toys to work on it too. She buries a tiny vibrator in her hole while she sucks on a larger pink one before vaginally swallowing that one too. Sakura is 100% pure imported American Fuck Slut and handling 2 or even 3 J-poles is barely a challenge. She stuffs 2 in her mouth and then one up her ass while she nearly rips the skin off the other with her teeth. One load gets blown on her hairless pubic region while she rides the other cock like she is in the travelling rodeo. The other cock comes back for some DP action that drives Sakura nuts. Her ass and pussy getting crammed simultaneously and gets her off almost as much as the pussy full of cum. She is left with from her new Japanese friends.

Maya Tsubaki has long, lightly bleached hair, white skin and a slender long body. Her tits are round and very firm, possible implant models. Her pussy is furry but the hair is short and kept tight, low and close to the precious pussy it is protecting. Her cunt is perfectly symmetrical and hungry for some penetration too, as vibrators, followed by fingers, tongues and finally cocks invade her. She slobbers all over the cock we feed her, performing one of the messiest BJs we have ever seen. She throws her legs back and lays down to take a vaginal plunging that ends with a dumping of cum in her mouth and on her face too. She sucks it all up! The Most Naughty and Innocent Girls you will Ever Find!
Качество видео: DVDRip Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 976x720 29.97fps 3888kbps Аудио: AAC 22050Hz stereo 75kbps

torrent_387578.torrent [23.52 КБ]
Скачиваний: 642

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