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h2ogems, o2erotica / игры с дыханием
Там, где дыхание - привелегия
15 роликов про эротические игры с дыханием и водные виды спорта. Присутствуют секс мужчины и женщины, лезбийский секс, щекотание и мастурбация.
Жанр: breath control, tickling, SCUBA diving
Студия: h2ogems.com, o2erotica.com
Качество видео: SiteRip
Формат видео: WMV
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Аудио кодек: WMA
Все скринлисты и оформление сделаны автоматически с помощью SpoilerListGenerator за 15 минут! Находка для релизера. Читайте подробнее тут.
[b]o2erotica - Take A Deep Breath.wmv | 10:42.951 | 162,439 Mb | 640x360[/b]
Take a Deep Breath, you are gonna Need it. There seems to be an innate passion for being controlled for these girls. When we tell them we are going to control their breathing, at first our models seem to be afraid. However, once we get started they get extremely turned on by the fact that we are in total control of them. lyn is no exception. While strapped to the tank, and bound, we give her pleasure by massaging her cleanly shaven pussy. In the process, her air is cut off time and again and her eyes roll into the back of her head from the excitement of being on the edge. Several times she starts to panick from not being able to get air becuase the mask is so tight, but we let her have air again and she recovers...Finally, she lets out a huge orgasmic moan! When done with her this time though, the air is shut off for good and well....see what happens.
[b]h2ogems - Amber Fucked with No Air.wmv | 7:21.953 | 30,945 Mb | 320x240[/b]
Amber gets her pretty shaved pussy pouned in the deep end. She is extremely excited that her man is in total control over her breathing also. She feels just on the edge, and lets him almost drown her while he slams her box. With a regulator that covers her mouth completely and is strapped to her head, she Gasps for air and is almost to the point of blackout at times. Her fuckbuddy allows her to breathe when he wants to. Unfortunately, his air tank does run out so they have to proceed in the shallow end while amber lays back in the water and lets him continue. Fucking her forcefully and cutting off her air, she cums multiple times.... it making her so very excited. He finally lets one loose too which alomst knocks her mask off. He loves being in total control of such a submissive woman. Very hot clip!
[b]h2ogems - Bath Tub Play Goes Bad.wmv | 8:08.327 | 123,543 Mb | 640x360[/b]
Rachel simply put.... has one awesome body. That's why when she asked her friend from a long time to participate in some with her in the bath tub he was right there. One problem though, rachel does'nt realize how much this guy really likes her. For as long as he can remember, he has wanted to be with rachel in a sexual way but she just considers them friends. He has been turned down many times by her over the years. So, when the two get together to have some fun in the tub he realizes his opportunity. In order to finally see her under that bikini he will have to drown her. Its a large price to pay, but he wants it so bad. After playing a few times by him cutting off her air while under the surface, they are both really turned on. After a bit, he goes for it and leaves her air off completely.... and holds her down with force. She struggles in disbelief while looking at him. She cant believe he is doing this to her. Finally, she is unable to free herself from his passion and strenghth and she loses the battle. She goes completely still. He lets her surface and watches her limp body for a bit. He then peels off her bikini and begins to fondle her awesome body. It gets him off big time. When he is finishes, he ties her binkini back up to make it look like an accident and so no one will know what he did to her.
[b]h2ogems - Bottom Knockin.wmv | 9:06.097 | 136,59 Mb | 640x360[/b]
Gabby in her first underwater sex scene. She loved it too, and you can hear her moaning and moaning throughout this clip. He is rough with her, just the way she loves it. Her orgasms are intense as he makes her ride him and then pins her against the bottom to give it to her doggy style. Just good sex underwater.
[b]h2ogems - Buddy Breathing Handjob.wmv | 4:04.786 | 60,119 Mb | 640x360[/b]
Rachel has on her tank and gear, and wants to practice using the octopus and giving a handjob before going to the bottom. Allowing him to buddy breathe from the same tank, she yanks on him like there is no tomorrow. Takes him less than 4 minutes to explode from her two handed wrap around. Not much air was used. We will see if that holds true when we hit the reef.
Рэйчел одела баллон и снаряжение и хочет попрактиковаться в использовании октопуса и дрочке своего партнера перед тем, как нырнуть на дно. Позволяя бадди дышать из своего баллона, она дрочит как в последний раз.
Меньше 4 минут понадобилось для того, чтобы кончить от ее рук. Воздуха было израсходовано не много. Она увидит, так ли это, когда доберется до рифа.
h2ogems - Couch Snorkeling.wmv | 9:11.911 | 139,764 Mb | 640x360
I was reading my diving magazine and getting really excited about the upcoming keys trip Im taking. Seeing all of the clear water and beautiful people in the mag, as well as thinking of being naked in the sun got me extremely excited. I put my snorkling gear on and had some fun right on my Couch
h2ogems - Hot Tuna in Nets.wmv | 9:40.925 | 147,668 Mb | 640x360
640 x 360 Screen Size DVD Quality WMP. Our all time naughty gem Gabby is wearing some sexy fishnets and retro Black Oval Mask. She hops into the tub and submerges herself without air for a bit, pleasing her meaty pussy and getting it ready for insertion. Then she takes air and stays under while she rams herself with both hands cumming and cumming. She finishes up on the side of the tub still ramming her pretty pink hole. This gem sure knows how to put on a show.
h2ogems - Lovers Go Diving.wmv | 11:11.051 | 48,92 Mb | 320x240
Once again, it's amber and Nikki. This time as lovers out on the water together for a frisky dive. Very excited to get into the water, the two lovers suit each other up with gear. It's a beautiful day for them to be out on the reef, and they are going to make the most of it. After getting all geared up, they make sure that the most important piece of equipment is not forgotten, the double headed dildo. Once in the water, they head for the bottom at 35 feet to have some fun as lovers. They know no one can bother them down there except the fish and sharks. Once they get going though, you will see that they probably would'nt notice a whale swimming by them for they are so into each other. Extremely excited and moist, not needing any lube, the two lovers pound each other with the dildo and then eat each other on the ocean floor. Taking their regulators out to satisfy each other. Lots of moaning and lots of cumming,tThey go at it for about 10 minutes. Once they have reached multiple orgasms, they inflate their BC's and float together to the top, with dildo still inside them both. Its Paradise for these two. Great cilp if you love seeing two beauties underwater in the open ocean. Very sensual.
h2ogems - Open Water Bliss.wmv | 4:38.356 | 22,33 Mb | 320x240
During all of the shooting in the keys, I finally got the chance to just go down and enjoy the open water by myself and with myself. I took my favorite dildo and went to the bottom and just relaxed. It was so enjoyable, I have to tell you. Just me and the ocean, and of course the camera man filming me getting myself off on the ocean floor. It feels so incredible to cum underwater. My body is virtually weightless and the orgasm is so intense and makes me quiver with little tiny bumps all over my skin. I love it, just love it. See some fish go by, and some reef in the background as I breathe from a fresh tank and pound my little love box till I cum.
h2ogems - Poolside Caress.wmv | 8:05.095 | 122,918 Mb | 640x360
Nikki and I were shooting at the pool one day and both had worked up the desire to cum. We were both extremely horny by this point. We wanted to shoot a scene where Nikki was going to get fucked by the "Fuck Stool" we made a while back, but when she got on it she broke it...lol. Anyway, she said she wanted to at least ride the dildo in a fixed position so she could get off. Of course we said yes, and away she went with fins and mask on, tickling her pretty little clit with the tickler and riding the dildo. After a while, it seemed she was a little nervous with everyone watching, so I thought I would step in and see if I could help her out. It proved to be a great decision. As soon as I locked my lips to her and started kissing her, she became extremely excited and forgot that everyone was watching. I played with her flat little tummy while sticking my tongue down her throat, caressing her lightly. She reacted big time and within a minute or so she let out a huge orgasm. She said she was so turned on by me softly loving on her that her body shivered and her head felt light. Very erotic, the camera man had a huge hard on after. Enjoy. Amber
h2ogems - Snorkle Gear Fucking on Couch.wmv | 7:43.870 | 110,596 Mb | 640x480
Danielle made this video for the underwater ethusiasts of H2OGems. While she is learning how to snorkle -- sporting fins, mask, snorkel and a beaver tail wet suit, she is taken and fucked by Jay. Danielle has an extremely hot and petite little body and she loves sex too, as you will see by her submission to what is wanted of her. She starts off showing off her BJ skills, and she s such a slut that her pussy gets totally lathered up from giving him head. Jay gets behind her and fucks her really good . . . she cums multiple times, and each time she does, she says "thank you". He then peels off her wet suit to expose the rest of her hot little body and perky hard nipples. She cums more, screaming with pleasure like a true whore. He cant hold back any longer (who could ?) And then, looking at her through the mask, he lets his huge load go all inside of her...she loves it. He flips her back over to watch it ooze out and rubs her clit...she cums again, and squirts. Amazing clip.
h2ogems - Tub Terror.wmv | 7:51.218 | 119,088 Mb | 640x360
Relaxing after a hard days work, Beca hears a noise from the other room. She is startled and listens carefully. Next thing she knows, there is an intruder in front of her with a weapon. His purpose is to rob her of her expensive items and get out quick, but that all changes once he sees her in the tub. His mind becomes a bit sadistic seeing her beautiful body in the warm water. He grabs a mask from outside and tells her to put it on. She does what he asks hoping he will not harm her. Then, he gags her and tells her to stand up. She is crying and frightened and unsure of his motive. From the kitchen, he grabs plastic wrap and tells her to spin around while he binds her so that she cant move her arms. As this goes on, his mind is getting more away from his orginal intent and he is excited. He then takes it a step further and puts a bag, originally supposed to be used to put her expensive items in, and places it over her head. Once on, he seals the opening of the bag around her neck tightly so she cannot breath. It doesnt take long in her panicked state to use up all of the air that she has inside the bag and she fades away. He then fondles her and rests her head under the water. It wasnt supposed to be like this.
h2ogems - Underwater Contractor 2.wmv | 17:45.020 | 270,352 Mb | 640x360
Ambers underwater contracting bizz is thriving. She had to hire a few new girls to help her out, such as Venus. During the interview process, Amber makes sure that all of the girls she hires do indeed get turned on by being underwater. As does Amber in underwater contractor 1, Venus is called out to do some cleaning for a clients pool. While working underwater, she is turned on by the breathing apparatus and just being under. When she is finished, the owner gives her a lending hand exiting the water and she immediately makes a pass at him. Not long after, she is stripping down and giving him a slow teasing blow job to get him ready to enter her. He flips her over, and she grabs the regulator as they start fucking passionately, moaning and breathing heavy into it. Several positions later, he finally blows a huge load all over her pretty little face. He wants her to come out on a weekly basis now.
o2erotica - 1000 psi.wmv | 6:50.557 | 104,271 Mb | 640x360
Thinking we had enough air in the take with 1000 psi starting out was a bad idea. When she was able to have air, she sucked it down fast and hard. Reason: she was being tickled while bound. Breathing through a full face while laughing and giggling is hard to do. When the air was cut, the mask was sucked to her face and she was struggling and panicking. When allowed to breath again, she inhaled strong and fast sucking down every bit of air in the tank till there was no more...then there was real terror on her face. What a hot little girl in the fish net too...very sexy.
Думать, что у нас достаточно воздуха при 100 psi (70 атм) в начале, было плохой идеей. Когда у нее был воздух, она сосала его часто и глубоко.
Причина: ее щекотали в связанном состоянии. Трудно дышать в полнолицевой маске, пока визжишь и хохочешь. Когда воздух был перекрыт, маска присосалась к ее лицу и она начала бороться и паниковать. Когда ей позволили дышать снова, она задышала часто и глубоко, с силой всасывая каждый глоток воздуха, пока воздуха в баллоне не осталось совсем...
и тогда на ее лице появился настоящий ужас. Какая горячая маленькая девочка в рыболовной сети... очень сексуальная.
o2erotica - Laci Loses The Breathing Play Battle.wmv | 11:49.992 | 180,185 Mb | 640x360
Laci is tied and forced to breathe from the Tank. Amber is dominating her and in total control of whether Laci gets to breathe or not. While forcing her to have an orgasm, Amber inadvertently cuts off her air but does not allow her to spit out the regulator. Gasping for air, Amber allows her to breathe once again. She repeats this step several times. In total control, Amber finally allows her to cum. Laci is extremely turned on by the fact that Amber has this ultimate power. Unfortunately, Amber does not want to hear her anymore after the orgasm, and turns the air off for good. With no hands to fight since they are bound, Laci cannot fight back. Amber forces the regulator in her mouth which has no air. Laci loses the battle.
Лэйси связана и должна дышать из баллона. От Эмбер полностью зависит, будет Лэйси получать воздух, или нет. Во время принуждения к оргазму Эмбер перекрывает ей воздух, но не позволяет выплюнуть регулятор.
Когда Лэйси задыхается, Эмбер позволяет ей подышать. Она повторяет это действие снова и снова. Полностью управляя Лейси, Эмбер позволяет ей кончить. Лейси сильно возбуждена тем, что Эмбер имеет такую власть над ней.
К сожалению, после оргазма Эмбер не хочет ее больше слышать и закрывает воздух насовсем. Лейси не может этому помешать, потому что ее руки связаны. Эмбер оставляет ее с регулятором без воздуха во рту. Лэйси проиграла битву.

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