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Охваченный временной промежуток: 2008
Страна: Чешская республика
Жанр: Asslicking (Rimming), BlowJob, Straight, Teen Sex, Old Man--Подсайт и сайт: OldFartsYoungTarts.com / PackOfPorn.com
Тип ПАКа: В ПАКе больше 50 роликов (MegaPack)
Количество роликов: 52 ролика-Продолжаем. Полный сайтрип за 2008 год. Check It Out!
Скриншоты и тех. данные ко всем роликам
-Тех.данные ко всем роликам:
Видео: English (US), 1 980 Kbps, 720*540 (4:3), at 25.000 fps, VC-1 (WMV3) (MP@ML)
Аудио: English (US), 192 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels, WMA (Version 2)-Видео: English (US), 2 000 Kbps, 704*396 (16:9), at 25.000 fps, VC-1 (WMV3) (MP@ML)
Аудио: English (US), 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, WMA (Version 2)-Видео: English (US), 2 000 Kbps, 640*480 (4:3), at 25.000 fps, VC-1 (WMV3) (MP@ML)
Аудио: English (US), 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, WMA (Version 2)-
Angelina - A massage against stiffness (27.05.2008)
-We don't know how the old geyser manages it but again Mireck has found himself another girl willing to do a massage. She makes a pretty good job of it too but Mireck is not very happy when she limits herself to his shoulders...-
Angelina B - Consuming Christmas decorations (16.05.2008)
-Tim has a new au pair called Angelina who is supposed to cook him dinner tonight. However, she is not very hungry herself as she has just finished eating the last of the Christmas decorations. But she is always in the mood for sex!-
Angelina B - New to all these games (14.03.2008)
-Some girls have too much time on their hands. Angelina spends hers French kissing a panther and demolishing the dartboard. But then Bert is there to sort her out. Serves her right for walking around in her undies...-
Bridget B - Horny for experienced cock (15.02.2008)
-Erwin is out on the prowl again in the suburbs of Warsaw but the streets are completely deserted so he decides te return to his apartment again. Much to his surprise he finds Bridget, the cleaning lady, very busy cleaning... herself!-
Chantal G - English hotel business (25.01.2008)
-An English businessman arrives at his hotel together with a female guide, an absolutely stunning girl. Soon enough he asks if he can take some pictures of her and apparently he doesn't mean portraits. How will the girl react to this idea?-
Cindy J - 18 year old DD tits bouncing (07.03.2008)
-Cindy is a very horny girl who is really desperate after a whole week without sex. Well, desperate enough to have it off with our Tim at least. He sees a golden opportunity here to satisfy all Cindy's needs... and his own of course!-
Daphne G - A very strict tax inspector (19.12.2008)
-Bert has to call in at the tax inspector as he is late again with his payments. This inspector is a pretty girl called Daphne who has a very curious way of getting her money: If you don’t pay up she will flog you in public - but Bert doesn't mind...-
Eliska - The hunter and his sex prey (19.09.2008)
-If you though our Mireck couldn't move very fast with his walking stick you should check his new hobby: Like a vulture he waits for girls to pass by in order to follow them at top speed, right into the forest where they lie down to masturbate!-
Fergy - Her nipples say sex (22.02.2008)
-Erwin has driven hundreds of miles to visit an old friend, only to find out that he isn't at home. There is someone else though, a lovely girl named Fergy, only dressed in a towel. Fortunately for Erwin she doesn't mind him coming in...-
Gabriella D - War hero and army treatment (11.01.2008)
-During an in depth interview with Mireck we find out that he is actually a war hero. In fact, the army is so grateful to him that he still receives massages at their cost. We do wonder if the army knows what Mireck means by massages though...-
Jane G - Only her nipples were fully grown (27.06.2008)
-Tim has picked up an old hobby again: Amateur photography. And even gale force wind doesn't stop him from finding models. He is lucky first time round: Jane, an eighteen year old virgin, is more than willing to show of her body... and her talents!-
Jane G - Tim’s new au pair (05.09.2008)
-Tim has found himself a new au pair called Jane. She is very talented at making coffee but we’re not so sure about her cleaning capabilities. But of course that is not the kind of talents our Tim is looking for in this sexy looking employee...-
Jolanda E - Spilling milk brings bad luck (04.04.2008)
-It is time to meet some new characters in Old Farts, Young Tarts: Here are Jolanda and Svenson, one of the odd couples here. Svenson loves to punish his girlfriend whenever she does something wrong but he has a great way of making up too...-
Kamila - A special treatment (07.11.2008)
-Kamila has just finished her study as a doctor's assistant and begins her new job today. Her first patient, Mr. Black, is bothered with erection problems. He doesn't want to take pills so our brand new nurse has to think up something else...-
Katerina - A horny massage (15.12.2008)
-Tim is hard at work in his hobby room. He's suffering from stiff shoulders but the job has to be done. Then a guardian angel in the shape of Katarina appears on the scene. She knows exactly how to get rid of Tim's pain... and his hard on!-
Kimberly B - A sexy medical treatment (17.10.2008)
-Tim is ill, very ill. Indeed, he thinks the end is nigh. Which it is but not in the way he thinks. Soon doctor Kimberley arrives and she appears to be more lethal than any disease you can think of. But she makes up for it with a good fuck though.-
Kimberly B - No talent for suicide (13.06.2008)
-Jarda's wife has run away and he sees no other way out than to kill himself. Armed with a towing cable he wanders the forest but committing suicide is not one of his talents. Then Kimberly comes to the rescue, giving him the comfort he needs...-
Kristina - A horny assistant (26.12.2008)
-Jarda has got himself a new assistant who is busy spray painting his somewhat undersized motorbike. When the stupid lass lights up a cigarette Jarda get furious and decides to give her a good spanking. And while she is bent over...-
Kristina - Life without insurance (19.07.2008)
-Tim is at the local race court today to watch Kristina tyring to break the minibike speed record. Unfortunately the only thing she does manage to break is Tim's car when she crashes into it. She has no insurance and no money but an eager mouth...-
Kristina - The seduced waitress (29.08.2008)
-Mireck is enjoying his lunch. Well, enjoying... you would think he only gets fed when he is being filmed... However, he notices the talents of the waitress and makes her an offer she can't refuse and at his home Mireck is in for a surprise!-
Lilian B - Impressed by the book (11.07.2008)
-We don't know how he does it but old Bert has managed to catch another fish... or should we say pussy? Anyway, Lillian is pretty impressed by Bert's book collection and soon enough she throws herself at him... Well, with a little help that is.-
Lizi - Biology up a girl's ass (20.06.2008)
-Lizzy spends most of her time playing games on the computer rather than doing her homework. That doesn't please her teacher at all so he decides to give her an extra lesson. Whether the lesson is about English or about biology isn't very clear though...-
Lucretia - It's Tim's lucky day! (22.08.2008)
-It sure is Tim's lucky day today. Just when he is enjoying a well earned beer a damsel in distress comes up to him for help. So, Tim gives her all he can: Some change for the phone, a glass of cola to quench her thirst and a good fuck on top!-
Lyla - Masturbating the day away (19.04.2008)
-Lyla is very busy at the computer doing.... something unclear. Her work is interrupted when she discovers some hardcore porn... somewhere. It does excite her quite a lot and soon she is masturbating away. Until Bert enters the room!-
Lyla - Veteran in deep shit (06.06.2008)
-Having it off with all those different girls can be an expensive hobby and so Mireck has landed himself in deep shit. The only thing he can do is to visit the debt collectors office and use all of his ehm... charm to work out a solution.-
Martina - A fuck in the forest (26.09.2008)
-Mireck is visited by his cousin Martina that he hasn't seen for a long time. Well, she has certainly become a... big girl over the years! As a welcome gift he takes her for a walk in the forest and just as a precaution he takes a blanket too...-
Martina - A very helpful doctor (28.11.2008)
-Pepper is not feeling very well today and therefore she is visiting Doctor Bert. During a thorough investigation old Bert forgets himself somewhat, touching the girl everywhere. When Pepper protest Bert has the perfect thing to shut her up with...-
Michaela - A hot gym lesson (31.10.2008)
-Tim is pretty annoyed. Michaela, his best friends daughter and his most troublesome pupil, is late again for her gym lesson. When she finally arrives he decides to give her an extra heavy training that really makes the girl sweat all over!-
Miriam C - Lured into the forest (12.09.2008)
-It is really surprising to see how fast our Mireck can move. One moment he joins a total stranger on a terrace, the next he is walking with her through the forest, blanket at hand. We think even your average gigolo can learn from this dirty old man...-
Nathalie - ... and a bottle of good wine (11.04.2008)
-Tim has an afternoon off and he spoils himself with a bottle of good wine and a dirty magazine. That gets him in the mood for sex so he calls an escort agency. Soone enough Nathalie arrives, dressed in ultra miniskirt and no undies...-
Nathalie - Face down ass up! (25.04.2008)
-Mireck has found himself a new girl to help him running the house a little. Well, he is getting a little older of course. Nathalie is very eager to work hard for her money and she doesn't mind giving the old geyser a good wash... all over!-
Pauline - Keep fit with a drum kit (28.03.2008)
-Pauline is a little bored and playing her extensive drum kit doesn't help much. She does find some entertainment watching a hardcore movie but when Marc finds out what she is doing he becomes pretty angry. But there's a way to solve that...-
Pauline - Mirecks horny nurse (21.11.2008)
-Mireck is visited by a new nurse who has actually come to the wrong address but she doesn't find out until she tries to put an incontinence pad for women on him. Apparently the girl is in desperate need for glasses but she is a good fuck anyway...-
Pearl - Sloppy tits above my head (18.01.2008)
-Pearl has spent all of her day in bed, feeling ill. Fortunately Ralph knows the best way to cure her, namely by our ever popular massage. That is something that will heal any ailment, especially when you concentrate on your patient's ass...-
Rosie D - The social services assistant (25.07.2008)
-Mireck has gotten himself another assistant from the social services and she appears to be as easy as her predecessors. Within minutes he has his hands up her skirt and before you know it she is pumping away. On the home trainer that is...-
Rosie D - Too tired to fuck (30.05.2008)
-What is it with our Old Farts nowadays? Every time they come home there's a hot girl on their couch who is sloshed out of her mind and turned on by porn magazines. This time Rosie isn't very lucky though: Tim is too tired to fuck!-
Shana - Behind the scenes (21.03.2008)
-Today we give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of Old Farts Young Tarts. That is, what is left of the scene after Shanna has demolished most of it. And wil her striptease be interrupted by another phone call from her mom?-
Shana - Horses attract young girls (01.08.2008)
-Tim has started off a horse farm as horses seem to attract young girls and indeed, on the first day a girl called Shanna is admiring his livestock. She would love to have a ride but the course is very expensive. Unless she wants to do Tim a favor...-
Shana - My sweet hirsute nurse (04.01.2008)
-Bert is not feeling very well so he goes to see the doctor who is very thorough: Even a simple cough needs a complete physical examination. However, when she finds out Bert is faking it all just to get a look at her legs she is very cooperative...-
Shirley B - Horny sales lady... (15.08.2008)
-During an interview Mireck admits that he has never used any sex toys. In fact, he hasn't seen them being used either. So a sales girl with the biggest tits he has ever seen pays him a visit at home for an extensive demonstration!-
Stephany B - New girl in the next room (01.02.2008)
-Some guys just have all the luck. Just when you have finished fucking your new girlfriend she tells you there's a friend in the other room who wants to undergo the same treatment. And of course you volunteer, gallant knight that you are...-
Sylvia H - Interested in his booze (09.05.2008)
-Bert has got himself another cleaning lady but this one seems to be more interested in his booze than in cleaning itself. Bert catches her when she is admiring his porn collection and we think he leaves it close at hand on purpose...-
Tereza - A horny guardswoman (24.10.2008)
-All is quiet on the Eastern front. Tereza is standing guard tonight and nothing seems to be happening until an armed attacker approaches. With a well trained move she disamrs the guy and takes him prisoner. Now what will she do with him...?-
Tereza - A very young girlfriend (05.12.2008)
-The older Tim becomes, the younger his girlfriends seem to get. Or at least they pretend to be. Tereza still loves to play with balls and skipping ropes while Tim practices smoking the pipe and in the end they conclude both of them are better at having sex...-
Tereza - Intimate driving lessons (03.10.2008)
-Tim has taken Tereza, his latest girlfriend, to the local kart track for some fun but it appears the poor girl is pretty frightened by all the action. So Tim takes her home for a relaxing massage that, as you could expect, soon turns into something else...-
Tereza - Tereza gets English lessons (08.08.2008)
-Tereza is so bad at English her parents have hired Mireck to give her some extra lessons. We don't know why - we can hardly understand the old geyser ourselves. Anyway, Tereza is no fool and Mireck has to call on his acting talents to get what he wants...-
Uma - Solid firm Warsaw tits (08.02.2008)
-Our English tourist finds himself on a square in Warsaw searching for girls to have a good time with but he is not very lucky. That is, until he runs into the beautiful Dominica who loves to come over for... No, not for coffee! For sex!-
Veronika - What is she doing down there (29.02.2008)
-Veronika is bored. None of the 35 channels on her mini widescreen TV shows anything interesting. So instead of playing with the remote control, she plays with herself. Little does she know that someone is watching her...-
Victoria - A horny janitor (10.10.2008)
-Tim has got himself a new job as a janitor. Not that it pays that much but that way he has a chance to be in the vicinity of the girl's showers. And indeed, today is his lucky day as Michaela comes in to freshen up. Will she notice him watching her?-
Victoria - Kicked out the house (04.07.2008)
-It would be Mireck's luck to find a sobbing young lady when he's taking a walk along the lake. Poor Victoria has been kicked out of the house after a night on the tiles. Gallant as he is, Mireck takes her home but there his evil mind starts working...-
Victoria - Masturbating times are over (02.05.2008)
-Victoria is in her loft feeling pretty bored when she discovers a porn magazine. Well, that really gets her fantasies going and soon enough she is masturbating away. But then Tim enters the room and he thinks her masturbating times are over...-
Yvette - Anal treatment (14.11.2008)
-Yvette is visitng Doctor Tim for her yearly check up. She is eighteen and, much to the Doctor's surprise, still a virgin. So after a VERY thorough inspection of her tits and cunt Tim decides to give the girl some sexual education...-

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